Question submitted by Subramanya - 10, Sep 2014


Is FII pumping dollars a reason for Sensex scaling the peak? Had retail investor jumped into the market?

MarketMan - answered the above question

  • MarketMan (14, Sep 2014):
    Since couple of months even retail investors have joined the party and this is reflected in MF buying last month. FII , HNI and retail participation along with feel good factor due to Modi government has created a positive sentiment which is taking the market higher. 
    Same time we shouldn't get too carried away, even though Indian market has done good we are in sync with what is happening in the world as many more markets are going up.
    Usually retail investors being aggressive is sign of last leg before a correction and I have seen this happening again and again. Invetsors need to look out for signs of market correction and enter only if valuation supports the buy