Question submitted by amdrd - 09, Jan 2017

connection Amibroker Trial version to Interactive Broker

Is it possible connect the Amibroker  trial version to Interactive Broker demo account to send orders from automatic systems in AFL?

I  would like to test this option before purchasing the Amibroker Platform

Thank you

Harish - answered the above question

  • Harish (09, Jan 2017):
    I have not tried it, so would not be able to comment on this. But when I did a quick search found out that real time data can be got from IB to Amobroker ( and also orders can be placed from Amibroker to TWS ( . As I mentioned earlier I have not tried this personally.
    I have a similar setup up and running , wherein I have set up a complete auto trading system. Real-time data is fed into Amibroker from GFDL and order placement/modification is done through a Zerodha PI and Amibroker interface/bridge provided by my broker Zerodha. My understanding is IB Amibroker interface also should work like this.
    Some of the points I want to highlight before you make any decision on buying Amibroker:
    1. Amibroker is a system developed only for trading and some of the functionalities like back-testing works very fast here.Also you have many built in functions required for trading
    2. But Amibroker AFL is kind of vector programming language and its not a general purpose language like Python or Java. I experienced lot of difficulties implementing an order/risk management system using Amibroker AFL. Even though I have managed to implement it planning to move to Python . Also this would help me in integrating any Machine Learning libraries which are readily available in Python.
    If your intention is to have just a trading system based on technical indicators and basic risk management then Amibroker is sufficient and fast. But as the system becomes more complex then you may feel the need of implementing your trading system in some general purpose language like Python or Java