Question submitted by Kirr - 11, Sep 2014

How to perform stock split operation in Amibroker

Recently while using Amibroker for NSE F&O data realized that AXIS Bank daily chart was all messed up. On research realized that there was a stock split ( 1:5) on Aug 28, 2014. I contacted my real time data provider (Globaldatafeeds)  to rectify this, but they told that I need to do it in Amibroker only. Has anyone done this before

Harish - answered the above question

  • Harish (11, Sep 2014):
    Make sure the symbol for which you are doing the split adjustment is open in Amibroker and in your case its AXIS Bank. 
    Go to menu option "Symbol -> Split".  A small split window pops up with values filled as Amibroker looks into the old quotes and try to guess the split ratio and split date. In your case date would be "7/28/2014" and ratio would be "5:1".  For simple split operation where in there is a single quotation after split this works fine.
    Please note that by default date would be displayed in US format (month/date/year). The split ratio would be displayed in "New:Old" format . "5:1" means that 1 stock has been split into 5 on the date mentioned. In recent versions of Amibroker software this can also be represented as 1->5 meaning 1 stock has been split into 5. I have not tried this format .
    Sometimes this split operation in amibroker doesn't work or get reflected. I did the same , but it was not reflecting in the chart but the symbol information was showing it. After lot of R&D realized that I need to perform this operation after logging off from real time data. 
    Also note that this split operation cannot be reversed in Amibroker